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Royal Doulton Desert Scenes Series

Royal Doulton's Desert Scenes seres was drawn by H.Allen, it was introduced in 1909 and it only had one pattern number issued against it D3192. There is a special Desert Scene backstamp.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene Makers' Mark  

Examples of the Desert Scenes Series can also be found entitled.


“An oasis in the desert”



“The Ships of the Desert”


Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?


Louise Irvine defined 17 scenes for this series. I have since indentified another three, two of these scenes appear on the back of items, these I have numbered scene 18 & 19. Scene 20 is the Sphinx that very often appears in the background.   

The Scenes

As Defined by Louise Irvine


1. Two Arabs by a tent, two children inside.


Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?



2. Camel carrying a canopy with two occupants,

two Arabs with guns leading.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 2 



3. Two camels and riders,one camel kneeling,

one standing with rider in coversation.





4. Two camels and riders, one pointing,

one with gun.

 Royal Doulton Desert Scene 4



5. Camel with female aboard, Arab with gun accompanying.



6. Camel and rider galloping with lance.

 Royal Doulton Desert Scene 6



7. Three women at oasis.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 7 



8. Profile veiw camel and rider with Arab

and gun pointing.


Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?



9. Camel train being led by Arabs with staffs.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 9 



10. Three Arabs camping, camel behind.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 10



11. Three-quarter veiw camel and rider with staff.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 11



12. Camel and rider talking to Arab with lance.


 Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?



13. Camel with armed rider, another Arab

shieleded by camel.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 13



14. Rear veiw camel, rider pointing,

two gunmen beside.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 14



15. Camel and rider aiming to shoot,

gunmen at side.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 15



16. Arab sitting with gun and spear,

another standing with spear.



Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?



17. Camel resting and three Arabs under palm tree.


Photo of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?



The New Scenes

As Defined by Nicholnack

18. Camels on the outskirts of a village.

 Royal Doulton Desert Scene 18



19. Camel being led to the Well on the outskirts of town.

Royal Doulton Desert Scene 19 



20. The Sphinx.

 Royal Doulton Desert Scene 20



0 #1 MsPatricia Wearne 2013-12-21 03:47
I have a small dish (perhaps a butter dish) some 5 1/2 inches across with the sides about one inch high of no.15. There is only one gunman The colours differ slightly - the mounted man is wearing pale clothing and headdress and is firing at an animal - tiger?lion? Can you tell me when this Desert Scene was introduced and for how long it was made and marketed. Thank you Patricia Wearne

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