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The World category covers the Royal Doulton series that are based in countries other than the UK. Included will be series depicting Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. This category will also be the home of the series depicting European Nations, the Middle East, USA and the Commonwealth nations such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

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Royal Doulton Gondoliers Series 

It is easy to see why Royal Doulton selected Venice and the Gondoliers for a subject of one of there series. There is nothing quite as romantic or as enigmatic as Venice and the Gondoliers who ply this beautiful ancient cities canal.  There is nothing quite as beautiful as the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco or the Grand Canal, and nothing as romantic as a lovers being serenaded as they are rowed along the canals being serenaded by a gondolier.

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Royal Dolton introduced the Desert Scenes Series in circa 1909 and it was in production until circa 1930. The 20 scenes of this series depict a highly romanticized version of nomadic Arab life. This fact file has a long way to go to be complete. I am looking for a collection to photograph or photos to complete the scenes. Can anybody help me with this?
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Royal Doulton Athens Series - Scenes 7 & 10
Royal Doulton created many series that depict the Ancient World, at least 10 series regard to Classical Greece. Series Ware was targeted at the wealthier Britons and people of its Commonwealth of nations. Many of these would have studied Classical Greece, it was subject that was more popular in the 1920’s than perhaps it is today. I must acknowledge the assistance Mary of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection” in the creation of this fact file.
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Royal Doulton's Moorish Gateway & Tunis Series'

The Royal Doulton Tunis series was drawn by H. Allen and it was launched in 1912. It depicts 26 different characters, or sets of characters, romantically set in a desert landscape with a Classic Walled Middle Eastern town in the background. The characters are depicted in a range of poses, from sitting and eating, playing musical instruments and to walking with a donkey. The sky is generally blue, the walled town yellow and the desert is tinged with pink. In most cases there is the odd green tree. In 1926 the Tunis characters where reworked into Royal Doulton Moorish Gateway series which has a background done in relief. To see the 26 scenes that make up this series just clic the title or the tab marked More....
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Royal Doulton French Courtiers Series
The Royal Doulton French Courtiers series consists of groups of Characters in a garden. Louise Irvine says this series was in production from 1913 to WWII (1940), but to date the only pattern number that I have been able to find is D5497. This number was introduced into service in 1934, in fact the pin dish which this image was taken from is dated coded 1934. This is a very sweet series and I am sure there is more to learn about it. Would love to see any photos of other examples of this series and I am looking to identify the early pattern numbers that were set against this pattern.