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W&R Carlton Ware Lace Frieze Pattern

 Lace Frieze 3173 has the dubious honor of being the last pattern produced solely under the W&R maker’s mark. This could be considered as a misnomer, going by the numerical order of the pattern numbers, Paradise Bird & Tree with Cloud 3143 and Paradise Bird & Tree are both patterns conceived before Lace Frieze. However I list both of these patterns in C.W Best Ware category even though I have occasionally seen examples of Paradise Bird & Tree with Cloud 3143 (which is on the mottled rouge luster ground) with a W&R mark.


I believe that when the decision was made to forego the W&R mark in favor of the Carlton Ware script mark was made sometime in mid to late 1927. At this time there would have been a supply of shapes that bore the W&R mark stored in a warehouse. These shapes had the new patterns applied to them. There must have been a lot of Melon Coffee sets in the warehouse as I have seen the 1930 pattern Awakening 3450 with six cups and saucers all with the W&R mark. As I have only ever seen Lace Frieze with a W&R mark I have deemed that it is a W&R pattern and not a Carlton Ware pattern.


W&R Carlton Ware Lace Frieze Pattern 3173

W&R Carlton Ware Lace Frieze Coffee Cup & Saucer - pattern 3173

two tone matt black & gloss yellow - production era 1927

Image courtesy of "Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection"

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