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W&R Barge ~ 2519 (circa 1921) PDF Print E-mail
"Pattern attributed to Horace Wain"
W&R Carlton Ware Barge Pattern

Barge is classic Chinoiserie. It is very similar to Mikado, but in Mikado were a lake is alluded to, in Barge the lake dominates the scene. The Lake has large rafts of flowering water lilies and there is an ornamental walk way across the lake with bridges and pagodas. There is a large ornamental barge with two ladies reclining under an awning with a bargeman on the rear of the barge.

W&R Carlton Ware Barge Pattern 2519

W&R Carlton Ware Barge Wall Charger - pattern 2519 

  mottledl blue lustre ground - production era 1921 - 1927

There is generally a two story pagoda with 3 figures on the ground floor and a single figure on the upper floor. Due to the size of this pattern it is often cut down to fit on smaller sized shapes, but the pagoda is always present and while the actual barge is sometimes left out the lantern that is hung from the front of the barges awning is generally included.

W&R Carlton Ware Barge Pattern 2519W&R Carlton Ware Batrge Pattern 2519

These four show partial scenes of the Barge scene. The items that these scenes came off were all marked with the pattern number 2519. I have often seen the scene on the vase above left called Temple.

W&R Carlton Ware Barge Pattern 2519


W&R Carlton Ware Barge Pattern 2519


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