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This category is the repository of the almost endless range of shapes that W&R Carlton Ware and Carlton Ware were produced on. Our aim is to catolgue the shapes that Best Ware were produced on with sizing information and an approximation of the production era for the various shapes. At this stage these lists will not include the shape numbers of the embossed patterns. 

We will attempt to identify the various shapes by number or name. Many shapes have their shape number impressed into the base, where we use names we will use names that are in popular use. We have looked at each shape and then tried to identify the production era by the patterns that are on that shape; this is far from a perfect science.

This is a considerable undertaking on our part and we are going to need your help. If you have a pattern on a particular shape that dates either after or predates our production era please leave a comment. Also if you have an example in a different size to the sizes we have observed please let us know.

I have not watermarked the name of the collections that the photos come from in the shapes file as it is just too large of an undertaking. However I must acknowledge and  thank: “Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection” – “The Parnell Collection” – “The Lexi James Collection” – “The Margaret Jones Collection” -"The Mortimer Brown Collection" - and the individuals Rhonda & David Neilson and last but not least Ian & Jerome from Calgary in Canada.



Carlton Ware produced vases at the Carlton Works for the best part of 100 years. They used a myriad of shapes, this page covers vase shapes used in the production of Best Ware between 1916 and the early 1960’s. Many collectors see vases as the peak of the art form; I know collectors who will only buy vases. ars. For some the larger the better, while others like the small to medium as that is all they have room for. Others collect by pattern and then some collect by colour-way. What ever the lunacy that drives you; this page is for you. I am always looking for more information, so if you have examples of shapes or size’s that I have missed or would like to have your say on a production era we would encourage you to comment at the bottom of the page. To date we have pictures 64 vase shape with shape numbers and another 2 without shape numbers.

Temple Jars, Ginger Jars & Covered Vases
In my mind the peak of Carlton Ware’s Best Ware production are the range of Jars. This is not a large category of shapes, but to me it is the peak range of shapes. A mad keen collector I know tells me he has told his family and recorded it in his Will which of his Jars is to hold his cremated remains.  I hope I check the inside of that jar before I place any bids on it.
Bowls, Trays, Plates & Chargers
Carlton Ware Shapes - Bowls, Trays, Plates & Platters 
This page is the home of many and various shapes of bowl’s, trays, plates and chargers that Carlton Ware produced Best Ware on between 1915 and 1961. This is a considerable period; so the range is huge. Those shapes only known by name are fist followed by shapes with a known shape number. This list can only grow over the coming years. It is my endeavor to show the various sizes that each shape came in and the production era of each shape. This information can only come by examining and considering many examples; if you have information to add please contact me through the comments at the bottom of the page. To read, study and enjoy this resource; just click on the more tab or the page title above the collage.
Carlton Ware Tobacconalia Shapes
This page covers the shapes which Carlton Ware produced in regards to imbibing of Tobacco. This range includes Cigarette boxes & holders, Tobacco Jars, Lighters and of course ashtrays. This page covers the 1915 to 1961 era. In the first half of the twentieth century smoking was seen as quite chic, a huge percentage of the population smoked. It was socially excepted and respected, but by the end of the twentieth century smoking is seem by the majority of us as a disgusting addiction.