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Royal Doulton Huntsmen at the Inn


Royal Doulton introduced the Huntsmen at the Inn series in 1906 and it had been withdrawn by 1928. This series was designed by Walter Nunn.


Pattern numbers issued against this series are:-

D2476 introduced 1906

D2778 "             " 1907

D2859 "             " 1907 

D2875 "             " 1907 


Huntsmen at the Inn consists of just four scenes, variety is added to this series by the use of 2 borders.



 Leather Bottle

 Royal Doulton Leather Bottle decerative border


Foliate Shell and Scroll

Royal Doulton Foliate Shell & Scroll decorative border 


The Scenes

As Defined by Louise Irvine

1.     Huntsmen smoking and drinking at a steaming punch bowl.

 Royal Doulton Huntsmen at Inn - Scene 1



2.    Huntsmen at a steaming punch bowl, one toasting and leaning on chair.

Royal Doulton Huntsmen at Inn - Scene 2



3.    Huntsmen smoking and drinking punch, one with his fist resting on the table. 

Royal Doulton Huntsmen at Inn - Scene 3


 4.    The Back Scene - An old world Tudor style Street.

Royal Doulton Huntsmen at Inn - Back Scene 



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