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Fox Hunting is the most common pursuit of the over 20 series that Royal Doulton produced that regard to sport. In fact Royal Doulton produced 16 individual series that relate to Hunting. Fox Hunting “A” and John Peel would be the best known and most sought after of the hunting series. Other sports celebrated by Series Ware are Golfing, Fishing and Skating. The series covered in this category are laid out in chronological based on the date they were introduced into production.


I must thank Mary, the curator of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection”, for her assistance with the Nicholnack fact files. Mary has supplied photos that are used throughout the Royal Doulton fact files; these photos are watermarked “Marjorie Jones Collection”.  Without the assistance collectors such as Mary and Bod Goudy these pages would be a shadow of what they are today.

R.D. Huntsman at the Inn PDF Print E-mail
 Royal Doulton Huntsmen at the Inn Series
With the tide of public opinion now firmly against Fox Hunting Royal Doultons’ Hunting school of series are now even more poignant than they where they where in production.  They recall a rural activity that has now been consigned to the history books. It is fitting that Royal Doultons’ celebration of one of the more social aspect of this ancient sport be publicized. I must acknowledge the assistance Mary of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection” in the creation of this fact file in particular.
R.D. Fox Mottoes PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Fox Mottoes Series - D3567
Royal Doulton's Fox Mottoes Series was introduced in 1912 and it was in production until 1928. There is only one pattern number set against this series D3567,. This is a very small series with only 3 Mottoes. There are three main scenes, but the old Fox also appears in three poses. If any body can provide me with the photos necessary to build this fact file I would be very grateful. Of course I will give credit to who ever provides these images on the fact file. 
R.D. The Gallant Fishers PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton The Gallant Fishers Series
Trout fishing has been as popular as long as there have been men with spare time and poles. It is not even really important if you catch one of the "timorous trout"; what is important is the chance to relax. Weather alone or with ones mates, there is nothing else like sitting on the bank of a river or pond and watching the world drift by. I surprised that Royal Doulton only ever introduced two series concerning fishing. This series; and Izaak Walton, which can be found amongst the Literary Series.     
R.D. John Peel Hunting PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton John Peel Hunting Series
John Peel was the master of a famous pack of hunting hounds with which he hunted the Cumbrian fells. He led a colourful life; born in hamlet of High Caldbeck in 1776, by the time he was 20 he was besotted by 18 year old Mary White, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer. When Mary’s family forbade them to marry, John whisked her off across the Scottish border in the dead of the night and married her at Gretna Green. By his death in 1854 John Peel’s exploits were legendary; he was immortalized in the hunting tune “D’ye ken John Peel” which became a favorite in fashionable London dancing halls. Even today, the best part of 250 years after his berth, Public Houses and Taverns across the English speaking world still bear his name. I must thank Mary of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection” for her assitance in the creation of this particular fact file.
R.D. Fox Hunting "A" PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Fox Hunting Scenes
Fox Hunting has become so politically incorrect that I doubt if any manufacturer would ever consider producing something of this style today. This of course was not so in 1930. One must consider that much of Royal Doultons’ market was in farm houses and on estates across not only England & Scotland, but over most of the Commonwealth. Fox Hunting scenes obviously sold well.
Royal Doulton introduced the Fox Hunting A series in 1931 and it was in production until 1950. This series only has six scenes, but it does come in many shapes; some of shich are quite unususal and very sought after. To read the complete Royal Doulton Fox Hunting "A" story either click the page title above or the more... tab below.  
R.D. Fox Hunting "B" PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Fox Hunting 
Royal Doulton’s Fox Hunting “B” series is a sibling of Fox Hunting “A”. They are so closely aligned that very often the scenes from A series and the B series appear together on Bridge sets. However as Fox Hunting B has its own pattern numbers and it is distinctive I will give it its own Fact File page. To read the complete Royal Doulton Fox Hunting "B" story either click the page title above or the more... tab below.