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I have received this enquiry from Sue Ellery (eBay seller elestegen )

 Royal Doulton Ships C Mafair Toilet Set

 Hi Bruce

I am contacting you as an online authority whose helpful and comprehensive website I refer to most often when researching Doulton Seriesware - I am no expert myself, and only occasionally manage to find a Doulton Seriesware piece to sell on ebay. 

I have recently been asked to sell a beautiful Doulton washstand set for a friend, in a pattern I have never seen before and can find nowhere else. I am not sure if it is Seriesware, as I do not own the relevant reference books - but looks as though it ought to be. The pieces in the four piece set (which are almost perfect and I would say, museum quality) all bear the pattern number D2243 (or D2273?), which I believe dates the design to 1905. It is a most dramatic boating scene, with a lugger (I think) in the foreground with 4 crew, and other more distant boats to the sides. It is a night-time scene, with the moon at full, and the sea looks decidedly choppy and  squally, with dark threatening storm clouds looming overhead. The colours of the sea scene are petrel blue, darkest teal and indigo shades lightening to dove grey in the sea. The design forms a broad band around the top of all the pieces, edged in black, and overlaying the soft celadon green-grey background glaze beneath.

The set consists of a monumental washbowl and jug, a potty, and a vase or toothbrush holder. 

I will be listing it soon on ebay, and would be grateful for any help you can offer in terms of identification. I have attached some photos to help. 

Many thanks in advance, and best wishes
Sue Ellery (elestegen)

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 Thanks for the email and the magnificent photos of the toilet set and for the compliments.

 Royal Doulton Ships C Mafair Pitcher

What you have is a part Mayfair Toilet Set decorated with the Royal Doulton series Ships “C”. This series was introduced in 1905 and it had been withdrawn by 1930. It has 3 pattern numbers and the pattern number on yours is D2274 which was introduced in 1905. Ships “C” consists of 2 scenes, this is the scene that Lousie Irvine describes on page 71 of Volume 2 of “Royal Doulton Series Ware” as scene 1; “A yawl, three-quarter view, sailing left”.


This really is an outstanding set, the colour and the condition appear  to be magnificent. If there is a down side I must point out that it is not a complete set as the soap dish is missing. A standard Mafair Toilet set consist of a Potty, Pitcher, Wash basin, Beaker and a soap dish, but lets face it beggars cannot be choosers. This is a beautiful and RARE set, you have the 4 of the 5 items. I will sure keep an eye on this item to see how it sells

Royal Doulton Ships C Mayfair Wash Bowl 

 This link will take you Sue's the eBay listing for this item 360299228041



+1 #2 RE: Jill's Large BowlBruce Nichol 2011-03-27 05:14
Unless the your Ships "C" washbowl has sentimental value I would suggest that you let it go in favor of an item in good condition. Chips or cracks really spoil the value. So saying if the chips is out of the base and cannot be seen when the item is on display then it is the perfect item to use. Washbowls look great with a Maiden Hair fern inside them. Quoting Jill:
I have the large bowl to this mine has D 2273 number on the bottom. It has a small chip. I am wondering with only having one item and a chip if it is worth anything? Jill
+2 #1 large bowlJill 2011-03-25 20:17
I have the large bowl to this mine has D 2273 number on the bottom. It has a small chip. I am wondering with only having one item and a chip if it is worth anything? Jill

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