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"Hi Bruce, great to see so much info on Dickensware on your site, apart from Louise Irvine's books,thereis very little about, your site is great for the "new/old" collector.

Q.1 I have come across a shape called a Newhall ashtray, can't seem to find it in the books, can you help?
Royal Doulton Mr Toots
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Mr Toots

I have never come across a Royal Doulton Newhall shape ashtray, does not mean there is not one, but am not aware of it. If you look at my Royal Doulton Tobacconalia Shapes Fact File you will see that I show 11 different shaped Royal Doulton Ashtrays. On page 108 of Volume One “Royal Doulton Series Ware” Louise Irvine shows 8 ashtray shapes. One of these shapes she identifies as a “Craig Ash Tray”, I have never seen one of these and never been able to indentify and example of this particular shape.
Royal Dolton Mr Cadband
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Mr Cadband

Q2 Can you advise of the best colour-ways and characters to collect and what is the rarest pieces. The term RARE is often over used on Ebay, what do you think?

I personally believe the best colour-way to collect is the 1908 to 1931 colour-way (see R.W. Dickens Ware Scenes Fact File for colour-way veriations). Of course this is a personal preference. As the curator of a collection it’s up to you, after all it’s your insanity.  I have known collectors who prefer the 1931 to 1951 colour-way because they like the warmth of the of background colour. For range of shapes and characters the early colour-way is the most varied. All 31 characters come on the early colour-way, but to date I have only come across 21 characters on the 1931 to 1951 colour-way.  This is not to say there are not some unusual shapes, the best and the most varied of the Tobacconalia Shapes where manufactured during the 1930’s (see R.D. Dickens Ware Tobacconalia Fact File ).

Royal Doulton Mr Dodson
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Mr Dodson

I agree that the term RARE is used vary loosely on eBay. To me when I see an item called RARE when it is not really that scarce at all; it implies ignorance on behalf of the seller.  The RAREST of the characters are Mr Chadband (from Bleak House), Mr Toots (from Dombey & Son), Newman Noggs & MrMantalina (from Nicholas Nickleby), Pecksniff (from Martin Chuzzlewit) and Mr Dodson (from Pickwick Papers).

Royal Doulton Mr Mantalini
Royal Doulton DICKENS WARE Mr Mantalini



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