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Royal Doulton Series Ware Shapes

These pages are a comprehensive guide to the shapes on to which Royal Doulton applied series ware. At present I mainly cover earthenware shapes, but in the future I hope to build pages to cover Bone China shapes. Of course this is a work in progress and I have a nasty feeling that it may be a life long task. The plan is to identify each shape by number or name. I also plan to put a size or size range to each shape, which will be height or diameter and sometimes both. "Names" and "numbers" issued by Royal Doulton are in the title in normal script - names given by "Nicholnack" are in italics with parenthesis.

Earthen Ware Vases PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Series Ware Vases 

Nothing looks better than a collection, like the nine vases shape 7012 pictured below. A vase on its own is nice, two is a pair and three is a collection and as collectors are all too aware it is that third purchase that can lead to all sorts of problems.  

Royal Doulton Collection of Vase Shape 7012

On page 103 and 104 of Volume one of Royal Doulton Series Ware, Louise Irvine shows 79 different Earthen Ware Vase shapes. At present we have photos of 83 shapes and at least a third of these are not on Louise Irvine’s list. Going by this I believe there are at least 120 vase shapes. I believe this list is just past half complete.

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Royal Doulton Covered Table Wear Series Ware Shapes
This page is the home of all the Dickens Ware Covered Table Ware, including; tureens, biscuit barrels, gravy boats, cruets, cheese dishes and whisky kegs. These are specialized shapes, generally they are the hardest to come by, and today these are some of the most valuable shapes. For the full range of these shapes just hit the read more tab…
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Royal Doulton Plates & Trays Shapes 

Royal Doulton produced an absolute panoply of plates, trays & pin dishes and wall chargers. If you can think of it, they produced it. The most common of all Series Ware shapes are the rack plates; I guess one would have to call it the universal Series Ware shape. Of course there are three styles of rack plate and I have seen them in at least six sizes. There are at least 15 different shaped serving plates and trays, without taking the pin and conserve dishes into the count. Also in this catogary I have included Chargers (Wall Plaque) and Babies plates and feeding bowls; so follow the read more tab for the full list....

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Royal Doulton Series Ware Bowl Shapes

This page is the home of all the Dickens Ware bowls, including; serving bowls, fruit bowls and comports.  Follow the read more tab for a feast the eyes......

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A Selection of Royal Doulton Series Ware Jugs

This is the home of the various shapes of Royal Doulton’s Jugs and Pitchers. Not included in this category are creamers. Creamers live in the Tea & Coffee Ware category. Where possible we will identify the shape name and the size range that they came in and the pattern name and the production era of the example. What also must be remembered is that various series that where applied to embossed shapes often do not have shape names, such series include Famous Ships and Moorish Gateway, when I can identify shape numbers I will. Louise Irvine identifies 39 jugs, but of course there will be more than this.

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Royal Doultoon Tea & Coffee Shapes Collage 

This page will be the abode of the panoply of all things regarding the consumption of tea.  The cup of tea is about as English as you can get; and Royal Doulton produced shapes pertaining to the consumption of tea with a capitalistic gusto. This category will include teapots (of which there are at least 32 shapes and still counting), Cups, Saucers & Trios, Creamers & Sugar bowls, Trivets, Tea Cady’s and Hot Water Pots. Come on I dare you – click on the More tab…

Coffee Shapes & Mugs PDF Print E-mail


 This page will be the domicile of Royal Doultons items pertaining to Coffee and its consumption. I will also include mugs and steins for no better reason than I don’t really know where else to put them. I’m a man who cannot start the day with out a cup of strong coffee, so grab you self a mug and hit the More tab…


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 Royal Doulton Tobacconalia Shapes Collage
From the very first beginnings of Series Ware production and up until the 1950’s Royal Doulton produced an array of Tobacco related products.  This range includes Cigarette boxes (both plain and musical), Bridge Sets, Tobacco Jars, Cigarette dispensers and of course ashtrays. In the first half of the twentieth century smoking was seen as quite chic, a huge percentage of the population did not just smoke, they revelled in it. I was a smoker in my youth; I was in hospital for a week in 1980 with two broken wrists which were in traction, not only did the nurses feed me, one of the sweet angels of mercy held the cigarette to my lips and flicking the ash for me.
 How quick the times have changed. The anti tobacco lobby has been extremely successful, and rightly so, now the full tide of public opinion has turned against imbibing the dreaded weed. How often are ashtray loaded on the net described as pin dishes when they obviously have cigarette rest. This really gets to me, smoking is an evil addiction that has killed millions, of that there is no doubt, but what is the point in rewriting history. This is political correctness gone crazy. If we change the past to suit today’s principles, then the lesson that we have learnt at such a hideous cost will be lost. Now if you dare, be a touch courageous, and have a peak at my Royal Doulton Tobacconalia page……. 
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A Complete Royal Doulton Pelican Dressing Table Set
This page is the home of the shapes that relate to the dressing table and lighting. Of course the most prominent item in this category is Royal Doulton’s Pelican Dressing Table set. Pelican Dressing Table sets where made in many series, but they appear to be quite hard to find these days. This page is also the home of Lamp’s, Candlesticks and Chamber Sticks. While it is never going to be the largest category, it really is quite interesting as these items are quite hard to find, and often the shapes are quite striking. A good example of this is the Dutch Candlestick.
Plant & Flower Pot Shapes PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Bulb bowl


This page is the home of the Royal Doulton planter, flower and bulb bowl shapes. This is a small catogary of shapes, but they tend to large and bold shapes that really make a statement. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have getting these images.

Toilet Set Shapes PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Mayfair Toilet Set 

Royal Doulton produced thirteen shapes of toilet sets. Of course not all of these sets may have had series ware applied to them. This page will also be the home of Shaving mugs & Cuspidor (spittoon). Fittingly I have decided that this will be the last of the shapes page. So click the read more tab and see what is to offer....

Bone China Shapes PDF Print E-mail

 Royal Doulton Bone China Series Ware Vases

There are no resources that I am aware of regarding Royal Doulton Bone china shapes. I would really like to include the numbers that Doulton attributed to the shapes, but unless these numbers are written on the base there is no way of knowing them. As there are no names and in a lot of cases no shape numbers I am going to take the opportunity to give the various vases names. Here's the rule, all names given by Nicholnack will be in italic with parenthesis, any names or numbers attributed by Royal Doulton will be in bold. We will begin with shapes in numerical order where I know the shape number. I know this is a very small beginning, but at least it is a beginning.