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Glossary of Terms Used For the Description of Condition

 In a bid to avoid any confusion NICHOLNACK have standardized the terms we employ to describe the condition of our antique and vintage ceramic items.


 Item in new condition in original box, generally the box will show the signs or wear, but the item itself will be as it originally was when it left the factory.


 Item is in NEW condition as it was when it left the factory. There will be no crazing if this term is used and no wear.


 Item may have some minor wear to glaze and paint work and the item may be crazed, BUT not STAINED. In most cases items described as being in excellent condition will not have been used or have had infrequent use.


 There could be some visible signs of minor Wear, or some crazing. There may well be staining or the odd fleabite. Any flaw will be described so if there is and wear of a fleabite it will be DISCLOSED. Generally though, items I describe as being in this condition are still good for display and only the most fastidious should be put off by this condition


This is the worst condition that I will bother to sell an item in, all flaws will be described, but collectors should be aware that these items are really only being listed as they are rarity mean that many collectors will put up with the flaws to have an example of this item.


 I will always describe crazing. A HINT of crazing means there is the odd isolated craze line. SOME crazing will mean that there are lesions of crazing but it is not all over. ALL OVER crazing will mean that there is all over crazing, but it is not stained. DISCOLOURED crazing will mean that it is heavy all over crazing with discoloration to that crazing.


 I generally will not offer items that have cracks unless they are very rare and I feel the item is still salable as they are just hard to come by.


  Firing cracks are under the glaze cracks from the time of production. I have no qualms with selling items with firing cracks, but I will describe them if they are large or significant. It is my belief that if the manufacture could live with the firing flaw then why should we make a song and dance about it today.


If these are large and noticeable we will describe them, but on minor production flaws may not be described. I do not bother to mention marks from the kiln furniture. On the production of some makers’ - Royal Doulton, Royal Winton and Clarice Cliff come to mind - there are three small dimples or diverts on the underside from small stilts or kiln furniture used during firing. I do not bother to mention these dimples; they are an integral part of manufacturing process, as without the use of this kiln furniture these items would not exist.


From time to time we will get the odd item professionally restored – we get very little restored as it is very expensive to have good repair. A good repair is a work of art. It is our policy to disclose any restoration that we are aware of. This is where we can get in trouble, sometimes we just don’t see repairs, we buy items in good faith and sometimes they have been restored and we just don’t know. We offer a no questions asked guarantee on our items, so please email us, we do not want unhappy clients. There is a note I must add here, if you treat any item you purchase off us with a paint stripper or decalcifying agent and a repair is found the guarantee is void. Items that are returned to us must come back in the condition that they where sent out.


 While all care is taken in the description and our photos, we are only human so sometimes we may miss a flaw. If you feel that we have misrepresented an item by erring in our description we will give a full refund on the purchase price on receiving the item back in the condition that it was sent out. If we agree with your claim we will not only refund the purchase price, but all of your out of pocket expenses, this includes postage charges. We only put two provisos on this guarantee:

            You must contact us within 7 days of receiving the item.

                Item MUST be in the same condition it was when we posted it.

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