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McHugh Pottery Shapes by Shape Number

Shape 1 to 35


Vase - Shape 1

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 1McHugh Pottery Shape 1

Left not dated - Right dated 1935 

height 12.5 cm (5") tall


Vase - Shape 2

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 2McHugh Pottery Shape 2

Left dated 1935 - Right dated 1934

height 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 3

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 3McHugh Pottery Shape 3

Left not dated - Right dated 1934

height range from 15cm (6") to 20 cm (8")


Vase - Shape 4

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 4McHugh Pottery Shape 4 

Left not dated - Right dated 1934

height 11.5 cm (4.5")


Vase - Shape 5 

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 5McHugh Pottery Shape 5 

Left not dated - Right dated 1935

height 13.5 cm (5.4")


Vase - Shape 6

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 6McHugh Pottery Shape 6

Left dated 1933 - Right not dated

height range from 7.5 cm (3") to 13 cm (5.12")


Vase - Shape 7

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 7McHugh Pottery Shape 7 

Left not dated - right dated 1935

height 13 cm (5.12") 


Vase - Shape 8

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 8McHugh Pottery Shape 8

Left dated 1935 - right not dated

height 14 cm (5.5")


 Vase - Shape 9

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 9McHugh Pottery Shape 9

height 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 10

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 10McHugh Pottery Shape 10

Left dated 1934 - right not dated 

 height range from 12.5 cm (5") to 17.5 cm (7")

Vase - Shape 11

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 11McHugh Pottery Shape 11

height 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 12

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 12McHugh Pottery Shape 12

height 8cm (3.12")


Vase - Shape 13

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 13McHugh Pottery Shape 13

height 17.5 cm (7")



Vase - Shape 14

McHugh Vase 14

22.5 cm (9") tall



Vase - Shape 15

McHugh Vase Shape 15

22.5 cm (9") tall


Bowl - Shape 15

McHugh Pottery Bowl Shape 15

McHugh Pottery Shape 15

height 7 cm (2.75")


 Vase - Shape 16

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 16McHugh Pottery Shape 16

Both examples are dated 1934

height 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 17

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 17McHugh Pottery Shape 17

height 9cm (3.5")


 Vase - Shape 18

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 18

Dated 1934

McHugh Pottery Shape 18

Height range from to 12.5 cm (5") to at least 15 cm (6")

Shape 18 is a very large shape, it has a larger girth than it does height. For instance the example from "The McGowan Collection" is 15 cm (6") tall and it has a diameter of 20 cm (8"). 

Flower Bowl - Shape 18

McHugh Pottery Flower Bowl with fitting flower aid lid

This Flower Bowl or Centre Piece is marked Shape 18, I have only seen one other example of this shape and it was not marked. Is the shape 18 number on the base of the Flower Bowl a factory mistake - I hope this will become clear if more examples come to light.   


Vase - Shape 19

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 19McHugh Pottery Shape 19

height 13 cm (5.12") 


Bowl - Shape 20

McHugh Pottery Shape 20

McHugh Pottery Bowl Shape 20

Both are dated 1934

Height 6 cm (2.36") 


Bowl - Shape 21

McHugh Pottery Bowl Shape 21

McHugh Pottery Shape 21

Height range 6 cm (2.37")  to 9 cm (3.5")


  Vase - Shape 22

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 22McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 22

Left dated 1933 - Right dated 1935

Height range 9.5 cm (3.5") up to 20 cm (8")


Vase - Shape 23

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 23McHugh Pottery Shape 23

Left not dated - right dated 1933

Height range 12 cm (4.75") to 14 cm (5.5") 


Vase - Shape 24

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 24McHugh Pottery Shape 24

Height 11 cm (4.37") 


Vase - Shape 25

Left dated 1935 - Right not dated

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 25McHugh Pottery Shape 25

Height range 8cm (3.12") to 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 26

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 26McHugh Pottery Shape 26 

Height range 10 cm (4") to 12 cm (4.75")


Vase - Shape 27

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 27McHugh Pottery Shape 27

Height range 9 cm (3.5") to 10 cm (4")


Vase - Shape 28

McHugh Pottery Pot Shape 28

McHugh Pottery Shape 28

Left dated 1935 - Right not dated

Height 9cm (3.5")


Shape 29

No example known!

Have you got an example of this Shape?


Vase - Shape 30

 McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 30McHugh Pottery Shape 30

Height 13.5 cm (5.37")



Vase Shape 31


height 27.5 cm (10.75")




Vase - Shape 31A

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 31A

height 23 cm (9.1")



Vase - Shape 32

McHugh Pottery Vase Shape 32

Dated 1933

McHugh Pottery Shape 30

Dated 1934

height 8.5 cm (3.37")


McHugh Ball Flower Aid (Frog) - Shape 33

McHugh Pottery Flower Aid Shape 33McHugh Pottery Flower Aid

height range from 6.5cm (2.5") to 9cm (3.5") 


  McHugh Jar & Cover - Shape34

McHugh Pottery Jar & Cover Shape 34McHugh Pottery Shape 34

left dated 1934 - right dated 1935

height 11 cm (4.37")


Grecian Urn - Shape 35

McHugh Grecian Urn - Shape 35McHugh Grecian Urn - Shape 35

height 9.5 cm (3.75")



0 #7 RE: McHugh Shapes 1 to 35Deb 2014-06-09 23:25
Hi, I came across your blog and I have the No1 shape vase, it's 31cm high. Have images which I can email. Belonged to my Grandmother and i just loved it even as a child. Bottom of the vase is signed H Mc Hugh, Tasmania 53
+5 #6 Erin May CollectionErin 2011-04-28 03:47
Graham, Good to see that there are other collectors interested in McHugh pottery out there. Yes the \"Erin May\" collection is a private one, I have close to 400 examples at present, and the reason you have not seen it anywhere else would be that I am not tech savey enough to create my own web site as yet, but Bruce is doing a pretty good job.
As Bruce says it is a case of building an accurate list as and when the pieces come along. I have seen the same shape number given to entirely different shapes on a number of occasions. I have sent Bruce a couple of photos of the two bowls to show that there is a difference in size, maybe he will find the time to add them in.
+5 #5 Re: ConfusionGraham 2011-04-27 11:50
Thanks for the explanation, Bruce. The problem for recent, but enthusiastic, initiates like me, is that we see many more pictures than the real thing. And the apparent can be a lot different to the actual, sometimes painfully.
I applaud your intention to create an accurate repository. May I suggest that when this involves the removal of what is found incorrect, that the fact of the removal be noted. Hopefully this will document the changes in thinking as things progress.
+4 #4 RE: Graham & Confusion on shape 36 & 21Bruce Nichol 2011-04-27 11:28
I had been told that shape 36 was a teapot, but I have not seen it myself. Then the sugar pot with the lid was found that is clearly marked 36; I decided to put this up. As I say under shape 36 there may also be a teapot, but to date I have not seen it. On the lidded pot shape 21, I have looked at this piece on several occasions and finally I decided to take it off the page as while the glaze is very similar on the lid to the base I was not convinced that they had come out of the factory together. The fact file are built by trial an error, it is not like a book, if I feel information is wrong that has been published it can be unpublished. My hope is that eventfully these pages will become very accurate, but we are going to have the odd error before we get there.
+6 #3 ConfusionGraham 2011-04-26 04:42
Hi Bruce, I understand the catalogue of McHugh shapes is a work in progress, but I hope you can clear up my confusion. Earlier, shape 36 was designated as an unknown teapot; now it is a sugar bowl with a lid. Previously a lidded sugar bowl was thought to be shape 21 - I assume so because a pink/white version appears in your 'collage' of shapes 1 to 35 on the McHugh Art Ware Pottery summary page.
(The pink version was part of a Mossgreen auction 12/07/2009, as reported on Antiques Reporter. It is no longer on your shape pages; I don't know what that signifies.)
Are the two bowls marked with different numbers? To my eye if you remove the lid, two of the same height would be identical.
And please scratch another itch. Who is Erin May, and is her collection private? The only Google references I can find are to your site.
Thanks for the site, which gives me enough information to ask these questions.
+9 #2 RE Erin New McHugh ShapeBruce of Nicholnack 2010-07-06 05:10
Thank you Erin. It seems to be getting longer between the new shapes, but you still seem to able to find them. Thanks again for the photo, I am just about to add it to the fact file Quote:
I\'ve got a new vase to add to the collection Bruce. It\'s a No.15, very similar to the 14 , a little shorter, and has handles. this is the second shape of 15 that i\'ve come across, it makes you wonder what was going on with the numbering system. i\'ve sent you a couple of photo\'s, maybe you can put it up and see what people think
+10 #1 New McHugh shapeErin 2010-07-06 05:01
I've got a new vase to add to the collection Bruce. It's a No.15, very similar to the 14 , a little shorter, and has handles. this is the second shape of 15 that i've come across, it makes you wonder what was going on with the numbering system. i've sent you a couple of photo's, maybe you can put it up and see what people think

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