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Royal Doulton Aldin's Dogs

Cecil Charles Winsor Aldin 

Cecil Charles Winsor Aldin was born in Slough on the 28th April 1870 and he died in London on the 6th January 1935. His first published drawing was of “A Chimney Corner & Polished Iron Firedags at The Hollist Arms in Sussex” which was published by "The Building News" on 12 September 1890. In the 1894 the editor of “The Pall Mall Budget” invited Aldin to illustrate Rudyard Kipling’s “The Second Jungle Book”. Aldin went onto become one of the most prolific and published illustrators of the early twentieth century.

 Cracker & Mickey

Aldin was a great lover of our four legged friends. One of his most popular series was Sleeping Partners, a sequence of pastel drawings of his dogs sleeping on a couch. It included his Irish Wolfhound Micky and his favourite model, Cracker, a Bull Terrier with a dark patch over one eye.

Sir Michael of Sheppey 

Royal Doulton introduced the Aldin's Dogs series in 1926 and it was withdrawn from production in the 1940's. This series had two pattern numbers issued against it:


D4525 is the Titanian pattern

D4629 is the Polycrome pattern


Aldins Dogs is a series of six scenes.


The Scenes

As Defined by Louise Irvine


1. Dog staring at trophy

 Scene 1 Titanian

Titanian D4525


2.  Dog with rope.

 Scene 2 Titanian

Titanian D4525


3. Dog smoking pipe.


Polycrome D4629


4. Smiling dog's head with ears sticking out.


 Image of scene yet to be sourced - can you help?


5. Three-quarter veiw of dog's head with tounge out.

Scene 5 Titanian 

Titanian D4525


 Scene 5 Polycrome

 Polycrome D4629


6. Front veiw of dog's head.

 Scene 6 Titanian

 Titanian D4525




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