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The Royal Doulton Literature Category covers the schools of series that Louise Irvine defined as "Subjects from Literature" and "Popular Illustrators".  Subjects from Literature are a grouping of 39 series depicting scenes from 22 literary subjects. Popular Illustrators is a grouping of 19 series celebrating the work of 8 Popular Illustrators of the day.

By far the most important of these subjects are the works of Charles Dickens and the playwright William Shakespeare. Royal Doulton created 10 individual series covering the works of Shakespeare and 8 series that cover Charles Dickens literary heritage (I have given Dickens Ware a category of its own).

To date I have  covered Dickens Ware, Canterbury Pilgrims,  Cecil Aldin Old English Scenes, Cecil Aldin's Dogs, Izaac Walton (also known as Gallant Fishers), Under The Greenwood Tree, Shakespeare Characters and Sir Roger de Coverley. The order of these fact files is determined by the date of introduction as defined by the pattern number. 

I have plans to cover more of Royal Doulton’s Literary series. I am always looking for collections to phtograph. The next series I hope to add to this category are Arabian Nights, Don Quixote and Jackdaw of Rheims.

I must acknowledge the assistance of Mary of “Marjorie Jones Collection”and the late Mr Bob Goudy in particular; without their passion these pages would be a shadow of what they are today.

To enter the individual fact files click either the title or the more tab. 

R.D. Canterbury Pilgrims PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Canterbury Pilgrims Characters Collage
Geoffrey Chaucer is considered to be the father of English Literature. He was born the son of prosperous wine merchant in London in circa 1343 and he died late late in 1399. He was buried in Westminster Abbey and in 1556 his remains where moved and he became the first writer to be interred in Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner. Chaucer’s most famous work is the unfinished frame narrative “The Caterbury Tales”. For the full narrative on Royal Doulton’s Canterbury Pilgrims series just follow the read more tab……   
R.D. Cecil Aldin Old English Scenes PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton produced two series dedicated to the brilliance of the Illustrator Cecil Aldin. Aldin produced an artistic legacy over his career of some forty years that is till with us today.  Of course the Illustrator’s art was much more important in the early twentieth century than it is today as modern photographical techniques have taken over much of the Illustrators work. I must acknowledge the assistance Mary of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection” in the creation of this fact file.
R.D. Aldin's Dogs PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton introduced the Aldin's Dogs series in 1926; this introduction is the original advertising blurb that was produced to launch the series.
"Cecil Aldin is the acknowledged master in the drawing of the comic dog, and in this
series a number of his clever studies are adapted to a full line of interesting and
useful articles. The general effect is a bold and decorative and
each piece bears the artists signature." 
I only have a cople of images from this series, can anybody please supply the other scenes I need to complete this factfile. 
R.D. Gallant Fishers - Izaac Walton PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Gallant Fishers - Izaac Walton
Charles Noke created Royal Doultons’ “The Gallant Fishers” series to celebrate the writings of Izaac Walton. The first edition of Izaac Walton’s “The Complete Angler” was published in 1653. It is the quintessential English sporting classic. A serious discussion on freshwater angling endowed with verse, song and vinaigrettes penned by others. Izaak Walton produced five editions of “The Complete Angler”, the initial publication contained 13 chapters, the fifth and Walton’s final edition in 1676 contained twenty one chapters.  “The Complete Angler” was a Seventieth Century variety show based around angling, akin to the format of Television shows today such as “Top Gear” and Football shows on every code imaginable in as many languages as conceivable. As this series was drawn by Charles Noke, one could conclude that it was a topic that was dear to this great talents own heart. I must acknowledge the assistance Mary of “The Marjorie Jones Memorial Collection” in the creation of this fact file in particular.
R.D.Under The Greenwood Tree - Robin Hood PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Under The Greenwood Tree

The subject of Robin Hood really needs no introduction; we all know the story, there seems to be a new movie or TV series every other year. My favorite is Mel Brook’s “Men in Tights”, for no other reason than that it is just so ridiculous. Robin Hood and his band Merry Men - living it rough in Sherwood Forest - stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Heinous villains like Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff of Nottingham. There is Robin’s love interest, Maid Marion, and of course the final reward when King Richard returns from the crusades – such a ripping yarn. It seems Royal Doulton also thoughts so. So in 1914 Under the Greenwood Tree was introduced, there where some modification to the scenes and new items where introduced in 1937, 1939 and 1951. The series was finally withdrawn from production in 1967.

R.D. Shakespeare's Characters PDF Print E-mail

 Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters in Appropiate Settings collage  

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon in 1564 and he died on 23rd April 1616.  The Bard, as he is affectionately known, is quintessentially English, no other intellect has left such a mark on the English language. The great body of his work, some 38 plays and 154 sonnets, were compiled over 24 year period between 1589 and 1613. Shakespeare’s literary legacy resounds down through four century’s to us today. Undoubtedly the most celebrated must be the quote from Hamlet; “To be or not to be, for that is the question…” Royal Doulton’s  Shakespearean Characters depicts 12 of Shakespeare’s most engaging characters in appropriate settings. For the full story, line and verse, just follow the read more tab….

R.D. Sir Roger de Coverley PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Sir Roger de Coverley Series

The Sir Roger de Coverley series is based on a series of characters conceived by Thomas Steele for the literary magazine “The Spectator” which was first published in March1711. Thomas Steel depicted Sir Roger as the ideal country gentleman from the county of Worcestershire; Sir Roger was a stalwart Tory and a pious Christian; a man with an impeccable lineage.  Other characters are the Spectators, who Sir Roger invites to visit his country estate.  "Thomas Touchy", Sir Roger’s neighbour who sues anybody at the drop of a hat and the landlord who models the sign of his inn on Sir Roger. There is also the honorable gentleman "William Wimble" and of course "The Widow".

Royal Doulton Sir Roger de Coverley

This is a quirky series with some great scenes; my personal favorite is Tomas Touchy, I love the sign just above his right shoulder (above). I guess we all have had the misfortune of knowing a Tomas Touchy.