R.D. Deer

Royal Doulton's Four Deer Series



Royal Doulton Deer "C"

The Deer "C" was introduced in 1927 and it had been withdrawn by 1950. It only has the one pattern number D4644. In its promotional material of the day Royal Doulton claimed that this series was "A BOLD and skilful treatment of the wild red deer."  They also claim "The treatment of the evening sky is a feature of this decoration".

Royal Doulton Deer C Westcott Teapot

Royal Doulton Deer "C" Wescott Teapot 

Louise Irvine lists six scenes against this series, but I have identified another three, these are scene  7, 8 & 9. As by my standard protocol I will use Louise descriptions for the first six scenes, the last three are my descriptions.


1. "One stag and two does looking towards him."

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 1



2. "Two stags and one doe."


Photo of this scene yet to be sourced - can you help?


3. "One stag and two does looking outwards."

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 3



4. "One stag and two does looking in same direction."

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 4



5. "Herd of deer grazing."




6."Herd of deer alert."

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 6 



7. "Stag & Doe facing right"

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 7 



8. "Lone Stag"

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 8 

The stag in my scene 8 is the same beast that appears in Louise Irvines scene 2. I must say I cannot remember ever seeing an example of scene 2 other than in the picture on page 135 of volume 4 of Royal Doulton Series Ware. This picture is a drawing taken from a Doulton pattern book, dated August 1927.  I believe these Deer were mixed and matched to fit on what ever shape they were needed for.



9. "Stag & doe, heads together."

Royal Doulton Deer - Scene 9 

It could quite easily be argued that my scene 9 is just a variation on Louise Irvines scene 2, just missing one of the stags.