Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters 

in appropiate settings


Shakespearean Characters Ashtray (shape 7710); D3596; polycrome colourway

production era 1912 to 1938- Church or Palace setting

 This delightful literary series was introduced in 1912, initially with a polychrome background, but in 1914 a sepia background was introduced. It was in production until the late 1930’s, to date the latest production date I have seen on an item is 1938. This was a popular series, so it was made in a large range of shapes and sizes.  

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters Teaset

Shakespearean Characters Tea Set; D3746; sepia colourway

production era 1914 to 1930

There was never a special back stamp made for this series as there was with Dickens Ware, but in most cases the characters name appears above the Doulton makers mark. In most cases the mark is in maroon ink.

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters Maker's Mark  

There are five earthen ware pattern numbers and one bone china pattern number. The earthen ware pattern numbers dates are :-

D3596 was introduced in 1912

D3746 "                        " 1914

D3835 "                        " 1915

D3882 "                        " 1915

D4070 "                        " 1919

The bone china pattern number is :-

E7267 "                        " 1911


Shakespearean Characters Vase (shape 6886); D3596; polycrome colourway

production era 1912 to 1938-  forest setting


There are 12 characters in this series, they appear with one of 3 background. These are is a forest, a church or palace, or as is the case with Romeo and Juliet, in an Italian style garden. I will lay these characters out in the same order as Lousie Irvine has on page 51 of Volume 1 of Royal Doulton Series Ware, for no other reason than that her 5 volumes have set a protocols for Royal Doulton series ware. 

1. Romeo

Royal Doulton Romeo 



2. Juliet

Royal Doulton Juliet



3. Shylock

Royal Doulton Shylock



4. Portia

 Royal Doulton Portia



5. Hamlet

 Royal Doulton Hamlet



6. Ophelia

 Royal Doulton Ophelia



7. Anne Page

Royal Doulton Anne Page



8. Falstaff




9. Katherine

Royal Doulton Katharine



10. Wolsey

Royal Doulton Wolsey



11. Orlando

Royal Doulton Orlando



12. Rosalind

Royal Doulton Rosalind