McHugh Pottery

Speicmen Vase

McHugh Pottery FlaskMcHugh Pottery

 height 9 cm (3.5") 

This wee pot may have a number on the base, it is hard to make out but I feel it could be 29 - can anybody confirm this?



McHugh Pottery Jardiniere

dated 1935

height 18.5 cm (7.25") 


Please note the veriation in the rim of the Jardiniere above and example below. The Jardinere below is considerable bigger than the example above.


McHugh Pottery Jardiniere A

height 22 cm (8.6")


Flat Bowl

McHugh Flat Bowl


McHugh Pottery Flat Bowl

 29.5 cm (11.6") diameter & 6 cm (2.3") tall

No idea what this flat bowl is for. It could be a saucer for a Jardiniere, but as the curator of the Erin May collection poineted out it would have had to of been a very large Jardiniere. It could be a float bowl, or maybe it was just a fancy dogs bowl.



McHugh Pottery Planter

height 16 cm (6.25")

This is an unusual shape, it almost appears to be a pot sitting in a saucer, but it is all on piece.


 Posy Ring or Wreath

McHugh Pottery Wreath

McHugh Pottery

height 5 cm (2") & diameter 17cm (6.75")

 Image courtesy of Graham Mulligan of


Posy Vase


height 7.5 cm (3") & a top diameter of 18.75 cm (7.5")


Flower Aid or Frog

McHugh Pottery

McHugh Pottery

height 6 cm (2.37")


Tapered Sided Trough

Note the Original Wire Flower Aid

McHugh Pottery Papered Side Trough

McHugh Pottery Trough - Australian Pottery

27 cm (10.6") long and 10 cm (4") tall



Rectangular Trough

McHugh Retangular Trough

McHugh Rectangular Trough

25.2 cm (10") long and 11 cm (4.37") tall



Flower Bowl with Flower Aid Lid

or Centre Piece

McHugh Pottery


height 12.5 cm (5") and 20 cm (8") diameter

The Erin May Collection has an example of this shaped marked 18.


Tall Flower Bowl with Flower Aid Lid

or Tall Centre Piece



height 18 cm (7") 



Wall Pocket- Bulbous Base


height 15 cm (6') 



Wall Pocket  - Flat Base

ImageMcHugh Wall Pocket with Flat Base

height 15 cm (6")

There is at least one other wall pocket shape, but at this stage I do not have a photo of it.



McHugh Tea for One Teaset

McHugh Tea for one Teaset

Teapot is clearly marked "H. McHugh, Tasmania, 52" where the other items are marked "McHugh Tasmania". 


McHugh Pottery Teapot - Shape 52 

Close up of Teapot from the teaset.



Teapot - Attributed

Australian Pottery Teapot - attributed to McHugh

Teapot Attributed to Mchugh

24 cm (9.5") from edge of handle to lip of spout & 12.5 cm (5")

This teapot is unmarked, it has been attributed to McHugh. I feel that this is a Campbell glaze, but the ball on the lid is very McHugh.




McHugh Pottery Cup

6 cm (2.4") tall

Is there a saucer to go with this cup? I really have no idea, I have now seen maybe half a dozen of these, but to date no saucer. 



Polka Dot Cup

McHugh Polka Dot Cup

Dated 1935

8 cm (3.12") tall

Image courtesy of Graham Mulligan of



Creamer 1/4 Pint



Creamer 1/2 Pint



Creamer 3/4 Pint


Each of the three creamers above where clearly marked to the base with their size. I have made them 3 different sizes to representive of eacks capacity, this is not an accurate depiction of each of the sizes.


McHugh Set of 3 different sized jugs

A set of three McHugh jugs side by side from 3/4 of a pint down to 1/4 of a pint.


Milk Jug

approx 1.5 pints


12 cm (4.75") tall

20 cm (8") across top from edge of handle to lip of spout.


Open Sugar Bowl

McHugh Pottery Sugar Bowl

McHugh Pottery Sugar Bowl

 9 cm (3.5") diameter & 5 cm (2") tall



Tobacco Jar or Humidor


height 11 cm (4.4") 



Minature Potty - A Salesman Sample

 McHugh Pottery Minature Potty

McHugh Minature Potty - Salesmans Sample

height 4.5 cm (1.25")



Coffee Mugs

McHugh Coffee Mug

height 11 cm (4.32")


Mchugh Coffee Mug

height 11.5 cm (4.5")



 Cresent Mug

Carlton Ware Cresent Moon Mug - dated 1935

dated 1935

10 cm (4") tall

 Image courtesy of Graham Mulligan of



Squat Mug

McHugh Squat Mug

8 cm (3.12") tall

 Image courtesy of Graham Mulligan of