Royal Doulton Ploughing Series

The Royal Doulton Ploughing series was introduced in 1915 and it had been withdrawn by 1949. It is not recorded who designed this classic from the Rural England school of series. I have always had an affinity for this particular series. It reminds me of my father; Pat was born in 1919 in the back blocks of New Zealand and I was reared on my fathers stories of the years during the depression that he spent on the back of stock horses or working horse teams. I remember going down the farm with my mother to where dad was working the paddocks and having picnic as the sun set. Dad always wore a old hat similar to the men depicted in Ploughing scenes; he used to use an old neck tie as a belt. This was in the 1960’s and Dad did his work with a tractor, but I guess the lessons of the depression where not easily forgotten.

 This page is dedicated to memory of my father

 William Pat Nichol (Pat)

William Pat Nichol (Pat) 

17th March 1919 to 25th August 2013


Royal Doulton Ploughing

  Royal Doulton Ploughing Series Sandwich Trazy
 Sandwich Tray; D.5650; dated August 1936; 28 cm (11") long

To date I have identified 8 scenes, the first 6 bear the names that Louise Irvine gave them, the last 2 (scene 7 & 8) were named by me, both of these scenes I found on the side of a salad bowl with the pattern number D4934, but I have since found them on other items.

There are 4 pattern numbers registered against this series;

D.3827 introduced circa 1915

D.3854 "                    " 1915

D.4934 "                     " 1929

D.5650 "                     " 1936 

 1.    “Pair of horses pulling plough with farmer steering.”

 Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 1

 Scene taken from Rack Plate; D4934

2.    “Ploughman going home with three horses.”

Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 2

Scene taken from Teapot; D5650 - date coded for 1937


3.     “Ploughman adjusting his plough.”

Royal Doulton Ploughing scene 3
Scene taken from square cake plate – impressed date April 1937


4.    “Pair of horses pulling plough, one with head drooping.”

Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 4


5.    “Ploughman with 3 horses in harness another pair in the background.”

Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 5 


6.    “Side view of ploughman with his pair of horses.”



7 "Ploughman bent over plough, back veiw side angle"

Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 7


8 "Ploughman setting plough, horses at rest"

Royal Doulton Ploughing Scene 8 




Joan Teapot

Royal Doulton Ploughing Joan Teapot

Royal Doulton Joan Teapot

D4934; production era 1936 to 1939


Teapot Unamed Shape

Royal Doulton Ploughing Teapot - unnamed shape

Royal Doulton Ploughing Teapot - Unamed Shape

Teapot (unamed shape); D.5650; dated 1937 

18.5 cm (7.25") outer edge of handle to lip of spout


Royal Doulton Sugar Bowl - unnamed shape

Open sugar bowl (unnamed shape); D.5650; 12.5 cm (5") across including handles


Royal Doulton Ploughing New Barton Hot Water Pot

New Barton Hot Water Pot; D.5650; 18.5 cm (7.25") tall

dated 1937 



Minature Vase (shape 7015) pattern D.5650; 6 cm (2.75") tall 

production era 1936 to 1949



Minature Vase (shape 7019); pattern D.5650; 7.5 cm (3") tall

production era 1936 to 1949 


Royal Doulton Ploughing Vase (shape 7995) 
Vase shape (7995); D5650; 20 cm (8”) tall


Royal Doulton Ploughing Vase - shape 8025A 

Vase shape 8025A (impressed); D.6550; dated 1937; 19 cm (7.5”) tall


Royal Doulton Ploughing Astor Celery Tray

Astor Celery Dish; pattern D.4934; 33 cm (13") long

production era 1932 - 1948 


Royal Doulton Ploughing Dorothy Desert Plate

Royal Doulton Dorothy Desert Plate

Dorothy Desert Plate




Octagonal Bowl; D.4034; 25 cm (10") diameter

dated September 1931



Leeds Fruit Bowl; D5650; 24 cm (9.5") diameter

  production era 1936 to 1949  


Leeds Fruit Bowl; D5650;13cm (5.25") diameter

  production era 1936 to 1949 

I am actively seeking more shape examples and close up photos of the scenes I only name, but have no photos of. If you have example you would like to shear please submit the pattern number and any other information off the base so we can grow our knowledge of this magical series.