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Covered in this fact file and on the linked pages are the Royal Doulton series that regard to Flora & Fauna. There are an awful lot of series in this category; Louise Irvine list over 150 series in the Flora & Fauna category of Volume 4 of Royal Doulton Series Ware. I will only cover the series I carry and have access to examples to photograph. Luckily many of these series in this category have only one scene. Some of my all time favorite series fall in this category, such as Wild Rose, Deer C, Kookaburra, Deadwood Crackle and The Old Wife. Please follow the read more tab for more information regarding the series that I cover here. I will start with Wild Rose ("Roses G") as it is one of my all time favorite series.

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Royal Doulton produced 4 series pertaining to Deer and all will eventually be found on this page. The series are Deer A, B, C & D. At this stage I only have examples of Deer C.

 “The Monarch of the Glen; Instinct with grace and beauty he stands on guard amidst the herd. A movement and they are gone leaving only the memory of the wonderful scenery of valley, moor and highland, with a glimpse of the quarry on the skyline.”

 Quote taken from catalogue produced by Royal Doulton to promote the Deer "C" Series.

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Royal Doulton Wild Rose Close Up
The Wild Rose series, or as Doulton originally called it “Roses G”, was introduced in 1940 and it was in production until circa 1959. It was popular in its day and it is still popular today with a die hard band of collectors not only here in Australia and New Zealand, but right across the world from Canada to the UK and then back to the USA. It is quite easy to see the appeal, the magnificent old world style roses hand painted in crimson and a dusky pink through to the two tone deep blue, grey ground. Nothing looks quite as fine as a massed collection of Wild rose.