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Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born in Portsmouth on 7th February 1812, he died in Kent on the 9th June 1870. In his 58 years Charles Dickens crafted a literary tradition that is without rival in the English speaking world.  Dickens was the true master of his craft, in his day his style was the cutting edge, but today his work is remembered for its social commentary.  It would have been inconceivable for Royal Doulton not to create a series honoring this mighty talent, in fact, Royal Doulton created seven series dealing with Dickens’ literary heritage.

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Robert Goudy (24th June 1948 – 23rd January 2012).
With out Bob’s enthusiasm these pages would be a shadow of what they are today. Bob may be gone, but his passion for Dickens Ware lives in these pages.

R.D. Dickens Ware Scenes PDF Print E-mail

Charles Huffman Dickens as Depicted on Dickens Ware Mark 

The largest and by far the most prevalent of the Dickens series is Dickens Ware "A". This impressive series was first introduced in 1908; it was augmented for the celebration of the centenary of Dickens’ birth in 1912. The range was increased in 1917; by 1930 production had all but stopped. In 1931 a limited series was reintroduced on a different colour scheme. By 1951 production had reduced to a trickle of rack plates, chop dishes, mugs and bonbon dishes.

The Dickens Ware "A" series consists of 31 characters depicted on four styles of background; A Victorian streetscape (with several variations, but all of the same school); A Victorian parlor or front room (again, several variations, but all of the same school); A courtroom (Buzfuz & Mrs Bardell); and Sydney Carton who appears on the stairs of the guillotine with an expectant crowd below.

Royal DoultonDickens Ware Characters

This page is absolutely chokers with information regarding this fascinating series; from mechanisms for dating items through to pictures of the 31 characters in up to three colour-ways. Follow the read more tab and I hope you enjoy this page as much as I have creating it -.....

Dickens Vase Shapes PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Vases
Of all the series Dickens Ware was one of the most prolific, so it almost goes without saying that there are almost innumerable vase shapes and sizes in this pattern.  It is my hope that as this list grows we can get some idea of what shapes where available and in what era. In the Dickens Ware Vase fact file I have photographs 55 vase shapes and sizes; for 53 of these vase shapes we have been able to identify by the Royal Doulton issued shape number. Hit the More... tab to see the complete range of vases.
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Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Covered Table Ware Shapes
This page is the home of all the Dickens Ware Covered Table Ware, including; tureens, biscuit barrels, gravy boats, cruets, cheese dishes and whisky kegs. These are specialized shapes, generally they are the hardest to come by, and today these are some of the most valuable shapes. For the full range of these shapes just hit the read more tab…    
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Royal Doulton Plates & Trays Shapes

Royal Doulton produced an absolute panoply of plates, trays & pin dishes and wall chargers. So this page is the home of the flat shapes that Dickens Ware can be found on, this is mostly items for the table, both the Dinner and the High Tea, the exception to this are pin dishes and wall chargers. Also included on this page are Babies plates and bowls; so click the read more tab and have a look....

Dickens Bowls PDF Print E-mail


This page is the home of all the Dickens Ware bowls, including; serving bowls, fruit bowls and comports. To see a full catologue of these shapes hit the read more tab....
Dickens Jugs & Pitchers PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Jugs
This is the home of the various shapes and sizes of jugs and pitchers decorated with the Dickens Ware series. One of the most common shapes I have come across in Dickens Ware is the Friar shaped jug, it comes in five sizes. This page does not include creamers as they appear on the Tea & Coffee shapes page. Just follow the read more tab to see a full selection of Dickens Ware jugs.
Dickens Tea Shapes PDF Print E-mail

Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Te & Coffee Shapes

On this page you will find a panoply of the shapes and the various sizes that Royal Doulton produced for the consumption of tea that are decorated with a Dickens Ware scenes. This page will include teapots, trivets, creamers & sugar bowls, tea cups & saucers, tea caddies and hot water pots. 

Dickens Coffee & Mugs Shapes PDF Print E-mail
This page will be the domicile of Royal Doultons Dickens Ware shapes pertaining to Coffee and its consumption. I will also include mugs, steins and beakers for no better reason than I don’t really know where else to put them. I’m a man who cannot start the day with out a cup of strong coffee, so grab you self a mug and hit the More tab…
Dickens Dressing Table PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Pelican Dressing Table Complete
This page is the home of the shapes that relate to the dressing table and lighting. Of course the most prominent item in this category is Royal Doulton’s Pelican Dressing Table set. This page is also the home of Lamp’s, Candlesticks and Chamber Sticks. While it is never going to be the largest category, it really is quite interesting as these items are quite hard to find, and often the shapes are quite striking. A good example of this is the Dutch Candlestick.
Dickens Tobacconalia PDF Print E-mail
From the very first beginnings of Series Ware production and up until the 1950’s Royal Doulton produced quite a range of Tobacco related products. No other series would have as many tobacco related shapes as Dickens Ware, this range includes Cigarette boxes (both plain and musical), Bridge Sets, Tobacco Jars, Cigarette dispensers and of course ashtrays. In the first half of the twentieth century smoking was seen as quite chic, a huge percentage of the population did not just smoke, they revelled in it. I was a smoker in my youth; I was in hospital for a week in 1980 with two broken wrists which were in traction, not only did the nurses feed me, one of the sweet angels of mercy held the cigarette to my lips and flicking the ash for me.
Royal Doulton Musical Cigarette Box - How sweet are the strains of Granger 
 How quick the times have changed. The anti tobacco lobby has been extremely successful, and rightly so, now the full tide of public opinion has turned against imbibing the dreaded weed. How often are ashtray loaded on the net described as pin dishes when they obviously have cigarette rest. This really gets to me, smoking is an evil addiction that has killed millions, of that there is no doubt, but what is the point in rewriting history. This is political correctness gone crazy. If we change the past to suit today’s principles, then the lesson that we have learnt at such a hideous cost will be lost. Now if you dare, be a touch courageous, and have a peak at my Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Tobacconalia page…….
Dickens Plant & Flower Pots PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Lennox Flower Bowl
This page is the home of Dickens Ware planter and flower and bulb bowls. This is quite a small shapes category, but they tend to be large and bold shapes that really make a statement. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have getting these images.
Dickens Toilet Sets PDF Print E-mail
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Mayfair Toilet Set
Royal Doulton produced thirteen shapes of toilet sets, to date I have only had seen one complete example of a Dickens Ware Mayfair Toilet set, but I have now found a Flagon shaped wash bowl, so who knows what other shapes it was produced in. This page will also be the home of Shaving mugs, but to date I have never seen a Dickens Ware example - can you help me? Fittingly, I have decided that this will be the last of the earthernware shapes page. So click the read more tab and see what is to offer....