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 Carlton Ware Handcraft Nightingale Garden Vase

G'day Leon - Thanks for the compliment – I’m going to have to battle to prevent a cranium swell – mate you pose a real pearlier here. I think any of the ONE OFF patterns are the rarest       

 Carlton Ware Handcraft New Rainbow Charger

– like the “Fairy Dell”, “Rainbow” and “New Rainbow” chargers, all of which are held by the Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection.

Carlton Ware Rainbow Charger

Carlton Ware Fairy Dell Charger 

There is also the “Glade” charger which is floating around somewhere; I have only seen photos of this pattern.

 Carlton Ware Handcraft Storm Kites

 Carlton Ware Handcraft Zig Zag

“Storm Kites”, “Clouds” and the 2 example of “Zig Zag” are examples I have in the Handcraft factfile that are unique or only one or two examples are known to exist.

Carlton Ware Handcraft Zig Zag Velox Bowl 

But to me the best example of a RARE patterns that I have seen is the “Nightingale Garden Vase” which is held by The Parnell Collection. This Art Deco vase may be small, but the pattern is strong and so well  balanced.


The colours of the stylized floral motive against the matt navy and black ground are amazing. The three handles and then hand applied gold line that is used to form a break between the navy and black ground. Mate - in my opinion – this is just a magnificent piece of Art – for me it has all The Juice.




For much more make sure you read my Handcraft Fact File


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