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New Sage Gloss colour-way found for Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly on Gloss Sage Green Ground
This Cubist Butterfly vase is on a gloss sage ground – I believe this to be a previously unrecorded colourway. For the whole story follow the read more tab…. 

What is interesting is the pattern number which is clearly written on the base is 3190.

 Carlton Ware script mark

On my own pattern list, and both David Serpell’s and the Kosniowski’s lists, we have this number set against the matt red ground. 

 Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly Teapot - pattern 3190

The pattern number 3223 is the pattern number that is issued against the matt green ground. See “The Parnell Collections” candlestick holder below. 

 Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly Candle Stick - pattern 3223

What is interesting is the candlestick is matt green and the green is a different tone to the above vase. I believe this is a different colour-way, of course the pattern numbers do not seem to make sense. The numbers 3191 & 3192 don't seem to have any patterns set against them so just MAYBE one of these numbers is the gloss green colourway.

Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly Vase - pattern 3194

So I would suggest that there is another pattern number for the gloss green ground and that the number on the base was a mistake made at the time of production.

Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly Biscuit Barrel - pattern 3195

So we now have 5 colourways in Cubist Butterfly, three are matt and one is gloss and the other is lustre. The lustre ground is shown on the Biscuit Barrel above. Does anybody out there have any more grounds or another example of a gloss sage ground with a different pattern number. 



+1 #2 cubist butterfly sage groundjessica 2011-02-22 22:39
i have a cubist butterfly vase like the green one pictured above although i'm not sure if it's gloss and i will have to check the pattern number ... i've been searching for years to get some info on it ...
+3 #1 Cubist ButterflyIan 2010-06-29 22:55
Interesting observations on the numbers for the Cubist Butterfly pattern. We have also experience some oddities with the green colourway. We once owned a vase in green that showed the number 3194 (normally the blue colourway number). We sold the vase to Jim King in Toronto. Jim has since sold his collection so we cannot check with him to verify the number unfortunately.

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