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Carlton Ware Curled Lettuce 

Hi Bruce,
I can't find any information on this piece of Carlton Ware and I was wondering if you could help me. It was described as Carlton Ware Lettuce Leaf and is a group of six plates, a creamer and saucer. Hopefully you can read the stamp...if not it says REGISTRATION APPLIED FOR
                                                                    Carlton Ware
                                                                    Made in England
                                                                    "Trade Mark"
Impressed stamp 1374

I haven't seen this pattern before and I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with the identification
and an idea on its value.

All the best

For my answer click More….

The pattern you have is called Curled Lettuce or sometimes just Lettuce. This pattern was introduced in 1935 and it consists may be a dozen shapes. The impressed 1374 is the shape number.


The maker’s you have sent the photo of is an interesting variation of the Australian Registration Design mark. From 1935 all of Carlton Ware’s embossed ranges carried the Aust. Reg. mark. The variation you have is a forerunner to this mark, it was in use in 1934. The standard Aust Reg mark is below.

Carlton Ware Australain Registered Makers Mark    

I have always liked the very ART DECO lines of this particular embossed pattern, but it is not as popular as other patterns due to its lack of colour. I am sorry but I do not offer a valuation service, I would suggest that if you where to search eBay’s completed items you can see what they have been selling for. I now host Ian & Jerome’s Newsletters on my blog page, if you look at Newsletter # 33 (July/August 2006) you will find the most in depth article regarding Curled Lettuce that I have seen published. 



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