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C.W. PERSIAN ROSE ~ 3975 (circa 1935) PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Ware PERSIAN ROSE Pattern
"Pattern attributed to Violet Elmer" 

One Pattern Number & One Unumbered Veriation

 This pattern is very similer to Charlotte Rhead pattern Persian Rose - it is rumoured that Crown Ducal threatened Carlton Ware with legal action over this pattern.


Carlton Ware PERSIAN ROSE Pattern 3975

C.W. Persian Rose Charger - pattern 3975

matt yellow ground - production era 1935 - rare

Image courtesy of "Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection"


Carlton Ware PERSIAN ROSE Pattern Matt Blue 

C.W Persian Rose Tray - pattern number unknown

matt blue ground - circa 1935

Image courtesy of "Barry and Elaine Girling"

As far as we are aware this tray is the only example of Perisan Rose on this blue ground, it is believed that this was a trial piece.



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