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C.W. Jewelled Tree ~ 4292 (circa 1939) PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Ware Jewelled Tree Pattern

 I have given this pattern its name – I have been told it was an unnamed pattern, but there is a pattern number on the base. When I purchased it here in Melbourne I was told that the Lady whose estate was being auctioned had developed a friendship with the Carlton Ware representative just before WWII, and on the eve his departure, of Australia for England, he presented her with this Bell. It is my belief this was his sample and he was flogging this pattern around to the various Australian dealers - I have only seen one other example of this pattern – do any more examples in this pattern exist?

Carlton Ware Jewelled Tree Pattern 4292

Jewelled Tree Bell Gondola – pattern 4292

blue luste sponged with pink - production era 1939



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