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C.W. "Crocus" ~ 3518 (circa 1931) PDF Print E-mail
Carlton Ware "Crocus" Pattern

 This pattern is similer to the Clarice Cliff pattern Autumn Crocus. I have only ever seen two examples of it, both are on a vase shape 467.

Carlton Ware "Crocus" Pattern 3518



Carlton Ware "Crocus" Pattern 3518 

 C.W. Crocus Vase (shape 467) - pattern 3518

gloss yellow ground - production era 1931

Image courtesy of "Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection"



+1 #1 RE: C.W. "Crocus" ~ 3518 (circa 1931)Toni Purcell 2014-05-07 00:19
Hi Bruce, I have just purchased a plate in this pattern.
It has scalloped edges and is aprox 22.5 cm diameter.
I have also seen a part children's tea set listed on eBay with this pattern on it. Thank you for the identification as I could not find this pattern listed elsewhere. Kind regards, Toni

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