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This category is to be the home of all the Novelty items produced by W&R and Carlton Ware. This includes all the production branded under Carlton China. This will include the Carlton China Trios and Figurines and the W&R Bone China pattern Imari. Also included in this category will be the Napkin Rings and Bells. The W&R range of nodding figures (Nodders). Last of all it will cover Carlton Ware’s huge range of Novelty ashtrays.


I wish to thank the curator of Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection for allowing me open acess to their magnificent collection. I have dedicated these pages to the memory of Dulcie Agnes Joyce.

Carlton China Figurines
The Carlton China Figurines where produced on blanks purchased from Coalport and hand painted at Carlton Ware. To date we have identified 17 pattern numbers, painted on 10 different figurines; 2 of these figures have varitions that differ slightly. The pattern numbers suggest that these were produced over a two or three year period between 1938 and 1941.
Carlton China Figuines

Carlton China figurines covered on this page are;-

MONICA - VERONA - NAN - JANE - NELL - PEGGY (2 versions) - JOAN - GRANDMA (2 versions) - JEAN

C.W. Napkin Rings & Bells
Carlton Ware Napkin Ring & Bells
The Novelty & Crinoline Lady napkin rings and bells shown on this page were manufactured in a widow between 1934 and 1940. There really is very little else I can say about them, except that they are adorable and just so very kitsch. In my view these are well worth collecting. To see the full range click on either the title or the More…. tab below.
Novelty Napkin Rings covered on this page are:-

Bird, Cat, Clown, Clowns Dog,  Deer, Golliwog, Guardsman, Jester, Magpie, Paper Boy, Sailor, Barrister, Scotsman, Farmers Wife, Serving Wench & Crinoline Lady


Novelty Bells covered on this page are:-

Wench, Vicar, Maid, Page Boy, Dandy, Toy Soldier  & Crinoline Lady