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Carlton Ware's Handcraft Range Of Patterns

The Carlton Ware Handcraft range of patterns were in production from circa 1928 until the mid 1930s; these were the halcyon days of the Art Deco era, I would almost go so far as to call the Handcraft patterns High Deco. The Handcraft motifs are highly stylized and hand painted. Most have a matt finish, but not all, there are nine Handcraft patterns with a gloss finish.


Handcraft patterns do not always have a Handcraft maker's mark and sometimes non Handcraft patterns have a Handcraft maker's mark. I have consulted with a select panel of collectors and curators and we have taken the liberty of deciding which are Carlton Ware patterns and which are Handcraft patterns. This is open for debate and we would encourage and are open to discuss out decisions further. The panel has to this date identified 101 patterns and colour-way variations; I now have 95 patterns pictured on the Nicholnack Handcraft pages.


Handcraft patterns that I know to which I have been able to acquire a photo of are:-


Mondrian - pattern number 3570 - only known by a hand fill of examples.

Rain Forest is only known by one example. Other pattern we do not have examples of are:-

Pomona 3324 on a matt blue ground

Lazy Daisy a matt red ground

Chevron 3671 on a burnt orange ground

Can anybody help us with photos of these patterns?And does anyone know of any patterns or colour-ways that we have missed?


At this point I must thank the collectors who have allowed me access to their collections and their knowledge. In particular I must thank the curators of the "Dulcie Agnes Joyce Memorial Collection" and "The Parnell Collection"; without the generous help of these two people these pages would only be a shadow of what they are today. Items from these 2 fantastic collections are watermarked as such.

Handcraft Patterns Issued 1928 to 1930 PDF Print E-mail

This page covers the Carlton Ware's Handcraft pattern introduced in 1928 and 1929. The first six items in this Handcraft list are trial pieces. All five pieces are clearly marked Handcraft, but none have pattern numbers. Are there any more examples out there? If so can anyone furnish us with the pattern numbers?


These pattern include :-

Bluebells - Butterfly - Carnival - Cherry - Clouds - Contours - DELPHINIUM - Dutch - Fairy Dell - Farrago - Floral Scallops - Floribunda - FLOWERING PAPYRUS - Gentian - Glade - Golden Curls - HONESTY - Lightning - Marigold - New Chinese Bird - New Rainbow - Orchid - Pomona - Pom Pom - Rainbow - Shamrock - Stag - Stellata - Storm Kites - Zig Zag  




Handcraft Patterns Issued 1930 to 1933 PDF Print E-mail

Handcraft patterns introduced between 1930 and 1933

 Carlton Ware Handcraft Patterns Introduced 1930 to 1933
These pattern include :-

Apple Blossom - ANEMONE - Arrowhead - AURORA - Autumn Fruit -  Camouflage - Carre - Chevron - CLEMATIS - Deco Fan - Eclipse - Entangled Droplets - Gazania - Geometrica - Green Trees - Holly - Hiawatha - Intersection - Iris - Jigsaw - Lazy Daisy - Metropolis - NEW DELPHINIUM - Nightingale Garden - Peach Melba - PRIMULA - Prickly Pansy - Rudolf's Posy - RUSSIAN - Wind & Flower - Sagitta - Scroll - Seagulls - Strata - Summer Medley - Tree & Cottage - VICTORIAN LADY - Ziggarette