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Royal Doulton New Edition Coaching Cecil Coffee Pot  

I have just received am email from Val in the United Kingdom regarding this Royal Doulton Cecil Coffee pot. Hit the read more tab for the full story…..

Val writes “Hello from the UK. I have just purchase an extensive collection of the Coaching Days from royal Doulton, and find your site invaluable. However I am struggling to identify title on a Cecil coffee pot. It shows a man in blue top hat & coat with carpet bag waiting to board the coach, a lady is in the open doorway and a man is holding the team of horses. I have included a photo for your info.”

Your coffee pot is NOT part of  the Coaching Days series, it is a scene from “Coaching New Edition”. I am often asked questions regarding this series of scenes. Coaching New Edition and Royal Mail are often confused with Coaching Days. I would go so far as to call" New Edition Coaching" and "Royal Mail" close cousins of "Coaching Days", but they are 3 distinct families.

I am sorry to say Val, but I have always battled to sell Coaching New Edition, but then I must add that the Cecil Coffee pot is a striking and quiet hard to come by shape. This is the first example that I can remember seeing in this series, so that has to be worth something. For further reading be sure to see my Royal Doulton Coaching Days fact file and my Royal Doulton Coffee Shapes Fact File


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